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1309 Jefferson Street, Mendota, IL 61342

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Contact Information: Stacy Kelly, Principal Traci Jones, Secretary

If you have an incoming kindergarten student for the 2022-2023 school year, mark your calendar for a night you don’t want to miss. We will have a Kindergarten Registration Night on Wednesday, May 11th from 5:30-6:30. This will be a time for parents to return completed registration paperwork, turn in birth certificates and proof of residency, turn in any completed medical forms, meet staff and take a walk throughout the halls of Blackstone School. If you have a child coming, but you haven’t picked up a registration packet, please call our office to pick one up before May 11th.

Principal Award Winners

September Principal Award Winners

Abel, Raelynn, Syomara, Kevin, Max, Charleigh

Kimber, Lauren, Ed, Julian, Maggie

Aubrianna, Jaxon, Jonah, Paola, Koreeann

October Principal Award Winners

Quincy, Kennedy, Jaxson, Damien, Jesus

Greyson, Jax, Gage, Grace, Aaron

Shane, Landyn, Summer, Daniel, Aili

November Principal Award Winners

Jace, Nancy, Amy, Sofia, Sadee , Michael

Meredith, Marshal, Santiago, Aniyah, Emily, Devlin

December Principal Award Winners

Micah, Jay'Cion, Ruben, Angel, Derrick, Addilyn

Christian, Finley, Gulianna, Jeannella, Carly, Jaxson

January Principal Award Winners

Renata, Thomas, Liam, Mateo, Manny, Callie

Fernando, Ruby, German, Gwen, Mia, Cason, Maddux

February Principal Award Winners

Kingston, AJ, Charles, Penelope

Karson, Bentley, Katalina, Isaiah, Raelynn, Delilah

Savy, Ari, Michael, Joree, Miah, Shayne, Isabel

March Principal Award Winners

Fianna, Jayden, Elle, Blair, Olivia, Ellie

Mateo, Ximena, Bryson, Eva, Jorge

Julian, Rodolfo, Avary, Averie, Nehemiah, Isaiah, Francisco

April Principal Award Winners

Cameron, Aisaiah, Ximena, Jackson, Liam

Kale, Killian, Camila, Valeria, Natalia

Lillian, Jessica, Brynlee, Ajla, Manuel, Delilah, Gracie

School Spirit Days

Click through the pictures to see our students dressed up for spirit days!

Purple & Gold Day

Carousel imageCarousel image

Wixom, Lindenmeyer, Mikolasek, Tillman

Nurnberg, Akre, Kramer

Quintana, Higdon, Lamps

Klein, Wilhelm, O'Sadnick