Classroom Spotlight

Our classrooms bear witness every day to amazing things. We want to shine a spotlight on the great stuff our teachers, staff, and students are doing in our building on a regular basis. Please scroll down to see different classes and activities.

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Mrs. Krull's Northbrook News is here after its long awaited debut!

Mrs. Shaw's RtI class visited the Pre-K to read stories and share their time. What a great way to spend some time! Updated 2/24

Mrs. Gehm's class had a fun Valentine's Day and created some yummy looking pizza art. Updated 2/18

Mr. Anderson's classes have been hard at work applying the principles of science and hard work to explore and experiment this year. Updated 12/5

Mrs. Clary's art classes have been created wonderfully challenging and vibrant works this year. These are just a few of their creations. You can also check out their pinch pots featured in the glass case outside the office. Updated 1/8

Mrs. Gehm’s class researched about famous explorers. Afterwards the students presented their famous explorer to the class. Was your favorite explorer in the mix? Updated 10/8/19

Ms. Calhan's Class designed contraptions using the scientific method. This design challenge was to protect an egg from cracking while dropped from the highest point of the playground. Eight out of the ten eggs dropped survived! Updated 10/9/19